Here at The Whimsical Bead, we don't employ our Tutors based on their qualifications, they are chosen for their passion and their dedication to their chosen medium.
Each of them are highly experienced, professional and are experts in their medium.

Meet the Team.......

Owner/Boss Lady/Chief Enabler

Dani is the creator of The Whimsical Bead.

For as long as she can remember she has loved to ‘create’. She began beading and creating jewellery in 2004 after attending a short 2 hour class during a particularly challenging period in her life.  Soon her beads were over the house – they had become her ‘therapy’ - and she had enough to start a small shop……literally!
In 2006 The Whimsical Bead was born.
Somewhere during that time Dani discovered a wonderful medium that she had not heard much about – Polymer Clay.
Dani loves Polymer Clay. It has sparked a passion in her like nothing else has. It never ceases to amaze her and, for her, it never becomes boring – there is always something new to learn.
Dani’s inspiration comes from the world around her. The majority of her pieces combine her love of colour and texture.

Dani loves to teach and pass on her knowledge – particularly of polymer clay - and she feels very lucky that people want to learn from her.

Dani says, “There is nothing like empowering someone with knowledge and watching that knowledge grow as their enthusiasm does. Many of my students are amazed by what they have been able to achieve in class and leave with such a huge smile on their face and an eagerness to keep creating. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I’ve helped create that happiness and enthusiasm”.

Dani suffers from multiple chronic illnesses and so she understands each student has individual expectations and needs when attending workshops. She encourages students to contact her in regards to any queries or concerns they may have, as she is happy to work with you and any issues you may have when attending workshops - from food intolerances to anxiety disorders - whatever it may be, Dani hopes you can feel comfortable to attend the studio.

Dani holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and Certificate III in Retail Supervision
She has a Diploma in Children's Services and has previously worked in the Early Childhood Industry for almost 17 years.
She also has a current Working With Children Check, First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training.

Dani Profile

Dani's 'Right Hand Gal'/2IC/'Crew Member'

Although we're yet to convince Brooke to teach here at The Whimsical Bead, she is an imporant part of our 'Crew'.
We met Brooke in late 2013 by chance at a bead show and the studio is her second home and it just wouldn't be the same without her.

Brooke is Dani's 'Right-Hand Gal' and will often be at the studio to assist with workshops, students needs and anything else Dani needs her to (did we mention we love this chick?!).
Feel free to approach Brooke with any queries if Dani is not available.

Brooke has a passion for creating in her chosen mediums of polymer clay and chainmaille. She also dabbles in many other crafts/mediums and is always willing to give some new a go.
Brooke trades under the business name Oolagrue.



Chainmaille/Seedbeading/The Whimsical Bead 'Crew Member'

Karen is an experienced teacher and is passionate about her chosen mediums of seedbeading, chainmaille and polymer clay.
She loves to combine these mediums to create beautiful, unique pieces of art.
Karen has been involved with The Whimsical Bead longer than anyone, as a student and later as a tutor for about 10 years and we're so glad she's chosen to stick with us for so long!
Karen operates under the business name Karens Jewellery 4 You.

Karen Donald Photo


Metal/Mixed Media

Kay has an extensive knowledge base and is an accomplished artist in many mediums. She enjoys working with beads, wire, metal and fibres and combining them all to create wearable art.
Kay has won numerous awards for her work and has been teaching for many years.
Kay creates under the business name ‘Artycles’.

Kay Profile Pic

Metal Clay

Lara has been involved with the Arts and Crafts movement at some level for most of her life.
She worked for 13 years in the family business, which taught porcelain dollmaking and other associated crafts. During that time she was lucky enough to have had exposure to several excellent sculpting teachers, which is her preferred method of expression. She also traveled to the US to study antique doll conservation and restoration.
In early 2014 she returned to the US and completed two Metal Clay accreditation programs and is one of only a few in Australia who has completed this training.
At present Lara divides her creative time between fabricating small run or one of a kind objects and jewellery using contemporary clays and teaching classes in base metal and precious metal clay.

Lara LeReveur


Catriona is an award winning artist and an experienced tutor. She has a Diploma of Entertainment Costume and has worked in the costume industry as a freelance Costumier for a number of years. Cat’s designs have been seen in competitions all over the world such as The Battle of the Beadsmith and also locally in The Bead Society Showcases and also in our 10th Birthday Celebrations Competition.

Catriona creates under the name Kweena Kreations.

Cat Profile Pic

Resin Art

Like many creatives, Leanne & Simon's passion for the arts began early and grew into a healthy obsession. They both dabbled in illustration, graphic design, photography and music. Leanne became a qualified graphic designer and started her own business. Simon followed his childhood dreams, playing bass guitar and starting a rewarding career in aviation.

They continued to explore their creativity together and eventually discovered resin art. After many hours of research and experimenting, they realised that the art was an unmapped terrain, full of mystery and the unknown. There was little to no information about the art, the materials and the many techniques used. The artists seemingly kept it all a big secret. Their biggest obstacle was sourcing the perfect resin for the job and great canvases designed to suit such a dense medium.

Soon enough, they began hand-crafting their own art boards, found the perfect resin and gained confidence in the art’s unpredictable nature. They fell in love with where it took them and wanted to share it with the world.
Leanne & Simon sell their work under the business name Oraco and donate a percentage of all their sales to charity.

Oraco Profile

Natural Soap (& Beyond!) Making

Kylie Callander creates beautiful handmade soap (and other yummy goodies) using the ‘cold process’ method of soap making.  This method allows her to firstly know exactly what is going into the soap and secondly, lets her add botanicals, milks, juices, clays essential oils, waxes, butters and other nourishing herbal products. The glycerin is retained and the result is a soap that is non-drying, smells divine and is luxurious.
Kylie operates under the business name Tin Shed Soap Co.

Kylie Photo


Nick is an experienced tutor who is proficient in camera setup and landscape photography. What began as an interest in Kodak disposables, quickly evolved into a love for capturing life and land.
Nick has completed courses with photographers such as Mark Gray, Australia’s leading landscape photographer, and is a member of the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne.
Nick is also Dani's partner so you'll see him floating around the studio from time to time!

You can find Nick’s work by searching Nick Bennett Photography online.

Screen Shot 2017 01 25 at 11.58.15 PM

Polymer Clay

Debbie is a polymer artist from Western Australia who has a passion for teaching. She loves imparting her knowledge onto enthusiastic students and teaches regular workshops in Geraldton WA and in Outback Australia. She also teaches online. 
Debbie is internationally known for her polymer work.

Debbie Crothers 2016 Day 2 40 copy

Metal/Mixed Media

Wendy is from Parramatta NSW, is an accomplished artist and an experienced teacher.
In her own words, Wendy is a maker, designer, creater and teacher.
She loves to create with her hands. Wendy says 'I love to create with my hands, its somthing that I must do. Creating is my meditation. To be able to sit at my bench and sketch ideas and then to make those ideas come to life.

Like most children, Wendy’s first introduction into jewellery was when she was at preschool and made her first Fruit Loop necklace…who would have known then that it would become her life’s passion… jewellery making, not Fruit Loops!

Over the years, Wendy experimented with many forms of jewellery making and whilst still at high school discovered lapidary. It is also where she was introduced to metalworking. What followed from there was a desire to learn, play and experiment with many mediums. Studying gemology to traveling overseas and taking various workshops, she continues to learn and experiment with her jewellery.

Wendy Photo

Polymer Clay/Mixed Media

Christi is a US Polymer Clay/Mixed Media artist who visits The Whimsical Bead studio whenever she is in Australia.
We were so thrilled when Christi was able to join us for our 10th Birthday Celebrations.
Christi is an award-winning artist and her work has been showcased in numerous books, magazines and exhibits. She is the author of over a dozen 'how-to' books on creating with polymer clay.
Christi teaches throughout the world, using humour and positive energy to encourage students to stretch their creativity, technical skills and artistic confidence.

Christi Profile Pic

Polymer Clay/Metal/Beadwork/Mixed Media

We have welcomed a number of high profile visiting artists to the studio over the years and continue to do so.
Some of these artists include UK based polymer clay artists Melanie Muir, US artist Maggie Maggio and Australia's own Wendy Jorre de St Jorre.

Dani and Mel 2015  Dani and Maggie Profile

Christi Friesen Workshops Day 4 6 

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