The pieces in this Gallery have all been designed and created by artist Dani Rapinett at The Whimsical Bead studio located in Healesville, Victoria (Australia).

Dani's medium of choice is polymer clay whilst metal is a close second. Most of Dani's inspiration comes from the world around her and combine her love of colour, texture and the ancient Japanese art of mokume gane.

Dani says, "I live to create. I love the fact that each of my pieces represents a little part of my life and in turn my passion. I love that in a world where so often we are on a fast-paced mission to get things done as quickly as possible, I can leave that world behind and unhurriedly create something that can be valued in what I believe is becoming a 'mass-produced', 'throw-away' society.
I love to share my art with the world and hope they enjoy my pieces as much as I have enjoyed the journey of their creation".

These are a representation of Dani's full portfolio of works - not all her pieces are listed here.
Some are available for purchase whilst others have been sold.

If you would like to enquire about any of the pieces listed or would like to know what is currently available, please do not hesitate to contact Dani.

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Pieces in this gallery are created by artisan Dani Rapinett. Some have been sold whilst others are available for purchase. Commissioned works are welcome.

Dani's medium of choice is polymer clay but she also enjoys working with mixed media, combining polymer clay with sheet metal, gemstones, precious metal, clay, and many other components. Dani's inspiration comes from the world around her.

The majority of her pieces combine her love of colour, texture, and the ancient Japanese art of mokume gane, adapted for use with polymer clay.


Some of the pieces in this gallery are available for purchase. If a piece is listed as sold, or if there is something in particular that you are after, simply email Dani who can help you out.

Commissions are welcome!

Selected pieces are also available at our stockists ยป

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